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  • WuXi has acquired NextCODE Health

    Shanghai, China-headquartered pharmatech company WuXi (NYSE: WX) has acquired NextCODE Health, a genomic analysis and bioinformatics company based in the USA.The acquisition was made for $65 million in cash, and WuXi plans to merge its genome center with NextCODE Health to form a new company, WuX...

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    1133 days ago

  • CISA: Contig Integrator for Sequence Assembly

    A plethora of algorithmic assemblers have been proposed for the de novo assembly of genomes, however, no individual assembler guarantees the optimal assembly for diverse species. Optimizing various parameters in an assembler is often performed in order to generate the most optimal assembly. Howev...

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    437 days ago

  • GARM:Genome Assembly, Reconciliation and Merging

    The pipeline is based mainly implemented using Perl scripts and modules and third-party open source software like the AMOS (Myers et al., 2000) and MUMmer (Kurtz et al., 2004) packages. The pipeline was tested on Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and BioLinux distributions. The method merges contigs or scaf...

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    433 days ago

  • PEAR

    PEAR is an ultrafast, memory-efficient and highly accurate pair-end read merger. It is fully parallelized and can run with as low as just a few kilobytes of memory. PEAR evaluates all possible paired-end read overlaps and without requiring the target fragment size as input. In addition, it ...

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    433 days ago

  • MeGAMerge: A tool to merge assembled contigs, long reads from metagenomic sequencing runs

    MeGAMerge MeGAMerge (A tool to merge assembled contigs, long reads from metagenomic sequencing runs) Description MeGAMerge is a perl based wrapper/tool that can accept any number of sequence (FASTA) files containing assembled contigs of any length in Multi-FASTA format to produce an improved c...

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    433 days ago

  • What are the best way to merge paired end reads ?

    I want to merge PE reads. Can you please suggest me good tools.

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    82 days ago