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  • Live webinar on long reads! #PacBio #LongReads #NGS #Omics #Seq

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    1003 days ago

  • Understanding PacBio

    This tutorial includes resources for learning more about PacBio data and bioinformatics analysis, and includes content suitable for both beginners and experts. Below are links to training modules (webinars and PowerPoint presentations) to help you get started with your data processing, as well as...

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    28 days ago

  • FinisherSC: a repeat-aware and scalable tool for upgrading de novo assembly using long reads

    FinisherSC, a repeat-aware and scalable tool for upgrading de novo assembly using long reads. Experiments with real data suggest that FinisherSC can provide longer and higher quality contigs than existing tools while maintaining high concordance.

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    25 days ago

  • PBSuite: Software for Long-Read Sequencing Data from PacBio

    PBJelly - the genome upgrading tool. PBHoney - the structural variation discovery tool Both are contained within the PBSuite code found in downloads.----- PBJelly -----Read The Paper is a highly autom...

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    25 days ago

  • Pacbio Long Reads Compatible Software and Tools

    The following software packages are known to be compatible with PacBio® data, in addition to PacBio's own SMRT® Analysis suite. All packages are believed to be open source or freely available for non-commercial use. See the individual project sites for up-to-date license information. A se...

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    9 days ago

  • Software and Tools to detect structure variation with long reads !!

    Uncovering the connection between genetics and heritable diseases requires an approach that looks at all the variant bases and types in a genome. While a PacBio de novo assembly resolves the most novel SV variants. 8-10X PacBio coverage of single genomes or trios reveals triple the SVs ...

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  • Pacbio pipeline #Pacbio #Reads #Pipeline

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