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  • Bioistats Online course

    ...evelop an understanding of the various ways in which we can assign a probability to some chance event. We'll also learn the fundamental properties of probability, investigate how probability...

    228 days ago

  • Statistics and probability

    Topics Displaying and describing data Modeling distributions of data Describing relationships in quantitative data Designing studies Probability Random variables Sampling distr...

    230 days ago


    ...nd reverse primers match best above the threshold and discard the ends of the sequence, including the primer.2.Pick and overlap to maximise the probability of the forward and reverse re...

    154 days ago

  • DarkHorse

    ...orks by selecting potential ortholog matches from a reference database of amino acid sequences, then using these matches to calculate a lineage probability index (LPI) score for each ge...

    369 days ago

  • GeneBreak

    ...nt-to-gene mapping is implemented. Finally, dedicated cohort-based statistics is incorporated with correction for covariates that influence the probability to be a breakpoint gene. In a...

    267 days ago

  • FSA: Fast Statistical Alignment

    ...UI, MAD (Multiple Alignment Display), can display the intermediate alignments produced by FSA, where each character is colored according to the probability that it is correctly aligned...

    140 days ago