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  • dcGOR

    An R package for analysing ontologies and protein domain annotations has been published in PLoS Computational Biology ( The package is distributed as part of CRAN (, and also at GitHub for version control.The ...

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    1205 days ago

  • translate2R

    After their presentation at the international “user!” conference, data analysis specialist eoda starts the public alpha testing of translate2R. With the start of alpha testing the innovative migration solution by the company hailing from Kassel discards the working title “transl...

    Tags: Computational Biology, R, SPSS, Translate, Migrate, Code

    1193 days ago

  • RStudio

    RStudio IDE is a powerful and productive user interface for R. It’s free and open source, and works great on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The developers and expert trainers are the authors of several popular R packages, including ggplot2, plyr, lubridate, and others. More at http://www.rstudi...

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    1156 days ago

  • Pacman

    The pacman package is an R package management tool that combines the functionality of base library related functions into intuitively named functions. This package is ideally added to .Rprofile to increase workflow by reducing time recalling obscurely named functions, reducing code and integratin...

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    1105 days ago

  • R for Microsoft Excel

    If you currently use a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel for data analysis, you might be interested in taking a look at this tutorial on how to transition from Excel to R by Tony Ojeda. The tutorial explains how to use R functions in place of Excel formulas, including tools like =AVERAGE an...

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    1104 days ago

  • Learn R Iteratively & Become a Data Analyst #R #Online #Tutorial #Browser #Study #Education

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    1104 days ago

  • Applied Statistics for Bioinformatics using R #R #Book #Tutorial

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    1104 days ago

  • R for Bioinformatics #R #Bioinformatics #Tutorial

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    1104 days ago

  • Learn R by yourself?

    Hi. I m a new to R and biostatistics. Do you think is possible to learn R by yourself? Can you recommend me some book or same web site for that? Thank you very much!

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    1102 days ago

  • A guide for complete R beginners !

    This tutorial is intended to introduce users quickly to the basics of R, focusing on a few common tasks that  biologists need to perform  some basic analysis:  load a table, plot some graphs, and perform some basic statistics. More extensive tutorials can be found on the project we...

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    1101 days ago