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  • Webinar: Wednesday 21 August 2013 at Noon EDT

    This webinar will describe the use of combinatorial pooling to reconstruct gene sequences within BACs. Recent work in barley has shown that this level of sequence knowledge is sufficient to support critical end-point objectives such as map-based cloning and marker-assisted breeding. http://www.e...

    Tags: Webinar, Selective Sequencing, Gene, BAC

    1585 days ago

  • Upcoming R Webinar

    This webinar will describe an R based approach to considerably speed GWAS computation time on a notebook book computer. More Register @ https:/...

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    1554 days ago

  • Webinar #NGS #Webinar

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    1312 days ago

  • NCBI Webinar

    In less than two weeks, NCBI will offer a webinar entitled "Introducing 3 NCBI Resources to Navigate Testing for Disease Linked Variants: MedGen, GTR and ClinVar". This webinar will delve into the lifecycle of genetic testing and teach attendees how to navigate the NIH Genetic Testing Registry, C...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Webinar, Protein, GTR, Disease

    1284 days ago

  • Live Webinar on RNA-Seq Data Analysis on 9 Nov 2016

    Live Webinar on RNA-Seq Data Analysis Abstract: Strand NGS supports an extensive workflow for the analysis and visualization of RNA-Seq data. The workflow includes Transcriptome / Genome alignment, Differential expression analysis with Statistical approach and Splicing events detection. Strand N...

    Tags: Strand NGS, Webinar, RNA-Seq, NGS, Sequencing

    420 days ago

  • Webinar on Leukocyte immunobiology helps us predict post-operative risk using pre-operative markers on 9 Aug, 8 am PST

    Free Live Webinar on Leukocyte immunobiology helps us predict post-operative risk using pre-operative markers on 9 Aug, 8 am PST Speaker: Mario Deng MD FACC FESCProfessor of MedicineAdvanced Heart Failure/MechanicalSupport/Heart TransplantDavid Geffen School of Medicine at UCLARonald ...

    Tags: Webinar, Transcriptome analysis, flow cytometry, Strand NGS, Prof Mario Deng, UCLA, Strand Life Sciences

    148 days ago

  • Webinar on Fast and Accurate DNA Variant Calling on 26 Apr 2017

    Continuing our DNA-Seq webinar series, we'll present Strand NGS v3.0 best-practices: a workflow that identifies highly accurate variants from raw reads. Our best practices workflow is twice as fast as its GATK counterpart, and results in precision/recall rates of up to 99%/98% on whole exome...

    Tags: webinar, strand ngs, variant calling, dna-seq, bwa-gatk

    236 days ago