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  • A next generation web framework for the Perl programming language- #WebDev #MVC

    29 days ago


  • Building Web UIs With Mojolicious Perl

    Mojolicious is one of 3 leading web frameworks available in the perl ecosystem (along with Dancer and Catalyst) and by far my favorite. Mojolicious aims to provide a complete web development experience. It thus has no hard dependencies, comes with a built-in development and production server and...

    Tags: Building, Web, UIs, Mojolicious, Perl

    28 days ago

  • mojolicious: a next generation web framework for the Perl programming language.

    Back in the early days of the web, many people learned Perl because of a wonderful Perl library called CGI. It was simple enough to get started without knowing much about the language and powerful enough to keep you going, learning by doing was much fun. While most of the techniques used are...

    Tags: mojolicious, next generation, web, framework, Perl, programming, language

    12 days ago