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    Awk is widely used these days for extraction and manipulation of large scale biological data in Unix/Linux.Most of the awk code is single liner. Useful Weblinks:

    Tags: awk, gawk, nawk, sed, data, sequencing, one liner

    1619 days ago

  • Print all the values beetween a pattern "abc" > awk '/abc/{flag=1;next}/mno/{flag=0}flag' file #awk #print #range #pattern

    Tags: awk, print, range, pattern

    708 days ago

  • Rename/number the multi-fasta file in ascending order. $ awk '/^>/{print ">" ++i; next}{print}' < Mix_assembly.fasta > Mix_assembly2.fasta #awk #oneliner

    Tags: awk, oneliner

    239 days ago

  • Replace space with tab. $ awk -v OFS="\t" '$1=$1' file1 #tab #space #replace #awk

    Tags: tab, space, replace, awk

    162 days ago

  • Remove duplicated lines from text file. $ awk '!seen[$0]++' allIds #duplicate #lines #remove #awk

    Tags: duplicate, lines, remove, awk

    160 days ago

  • Converting FASTQ to FASTA

    There are several ways you can convert fastq to fasta sequences. Some methods are listed below. Using SED sed can be used to selectively print the desired lines from a file, so if you print the first and 2rd line of every 4 lines, you get the sequence header and sequence need...

    Tags: fasta, fastq, convert, sed, awk, seqtk, bioawk, fastx, Emboss, fastq2fasta

    5 days ago

  • Most Commonly used Awk by Bioinformatician

      Awk is a programming language that is specifically designed for quickly manipulating space delimited data. Although you can achieve all its functionality with Perl, awk is simpler in many practical cases. Why awk? You can replace a pipeline of 'stuff | grep | sed | cut...' with a single ...

    Tags: Awk, Bioinformatics

    1612 days ago

  • sahabuddin

    Bioinformatics researcher

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    27 days ago