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  • SPAdes

    SPAdes – St. Petersburg genome assembler – is intended for both standard isolates and single-cell MDA bacteria assemblies. This manual will help you to install and run SPAd...

    671 days ago

  • Multi-metagenome assembly

    ...ns scripts and tutorials on how to assemble individual microbial genomes from metagenomes, as described in: Genome sequences of rare, uncultured bacteria obtained by differential cove...

    353 days ago

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  • Decontamination #Bacteria #Contamination

    289 days ago

  • Genome of interest Bacillus amyloliquefaciens #Bacteria

    280 days ago

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  • Zombies like bacteria!!!

    ...n Drilling Program have announced the findings  of the long-lived bacteria, reproducing only once every...n every tea spoon full of rock, compared with billions or trillions of bacteria that would typically be found...

    1629 days ago

  • Ensembl 27 wheat, rice, Aedes aegypti, and Ixodes scapularis Whole genome alignments for O. longistaminata and T. cacao Non-coding RNA gene models in Bacteria New assembly of tomato (vers...

    978 days ago

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  • Paolo Ruggerone Lab

    Efflux pumps (RND family) Functioning of efflux systems in Gram-negative bacteria Determinants of the compound-efflux system interactions Action of inhibitors on efflux systems S...

    1601 days ago




  • Genetic Modified (GM) Food/Organisms

    Genetic Modified (GM) Food/Organisms

    ...dered to be a genetically modified organism (GMO). The first GMOs were bacteria in 1973; GM mice were generated in 1974. Insulin-producing bacteria were commercialized in 1982 a...

    1651 days ago

  • Comparative Genomics !!

    Comparative Genomics !!

    Comparative genomics is a field of biological research in which the genome sequences of different species — human, mouse, and a wide variety of other organisms from bacteria to chimpanzees — are compared. This group is dedicated to Comparative genomics ... 

    263 days ago


  • Mom Knows Best

    We always get instructions to wash our hands, sterilize kitchen stuff and bla bla. However, recent findings suggest something else. Perhaps we can't survive, or will face lots of problems if bacteria’s colonies are absent in mother womb. Please find the detail sources of microbial transmiss...

    Tags: PLOS, Bacteria, Microbial transmission, Lisa J. Funkhouser

    1641 days ago

  • Genome Browsers

    Genome Browser is the platform/database used for searching and retreiving sequences and annotation of genomes belong to various eukaryotes, prokaryotes, etc. Following are the weblink for different available browsers: http://genome....

    Tags: Genome Browser, Organism, Plant, Animal, Bacteria, fungi, Genome Sequence, DNA, Sequencing, Annotation, SNP, gff, gtf, gff3, vcf, bed

    1647 days ago

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