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  • Finding Patterns in Biological Sequences

    In this report we provide an overview of known techniques for discovery of patterns of biological sequences (...s. Finally we list publicly available tools and databases for pattern discovery. On-line supplement is availa...

    426 days ago


    A probabilistic framework for structural variant discovery. Ryan M Layer, Colby Chiang, Aaron R Quinlan, and...Hall. 2014. "LUMPY: a Probabilistic Framework for Structural Variant Discovery." Genome Biology 15 (6): R84....

    546 days ago

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  • Bioinformatics Articles links

    ...alysis , 1997. Bioinformatics & Cheminformatics in the Drug Discovery Cycle , 1997. Bioinform...I , Jan 2000, pp. 51-56. Turbo-charging bioinformation for drug discovery , Feb 2000, pp. 38-49....

    1657 days ago

  • Genome Assembly Tools and Software - PART2 !!

    ...the use of these sequences for polymorphism discovery. SAGE – String Graph A...used to assemble it. It allows for the rapid discovery of errors and comparisons bet...n neighboring regions of the segment for SNP discovery and linkage disequilibrium&nb...

    421 days ago

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  • ProteoStats: Computing false discovery rates in proteomics #Proteomics

    1278 days ago

  • Workshop on Resources for Computational Drug Discovery! #DrugDiscovery #PDB #Docking

    1340 days ago

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  • Scalpel

    A team from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has released an algorithm, called Scalpel, for finding insertions and deletions in next generation sequencing data sets. Scalpel, which is open source and available for download on SourceForge, outperformed the popular tools GATK HaplotypeCaller and ...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Scalpel, Genetic, Variants, Discovery, Tool

    1282 days ago

  • ChromHMM: Chromatin state discovery and characterization

    ChromHMM is software for learning and characterizing chromatin states. ChromHMM can integrate multiple chromatin datasets such as ChIP-seq data of various histone modifications to discover de novo the major re-occuring combinatorial and spatial patterns of marks. ChromHMM is based on a multivaria...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, ChromHMM, Chromatin, Discovery, Characterization, Chromosome

    309 days ago

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