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  • MEME suite

    Motif based sequence analysis suits  The MEME Suite allows the biologist to discover novel motifs in collections of unaligned nucleotide or protein sequences, and to perform a wide variety of other motif-based analyses. The MEME Suite supports motif-based analysis of DNA, RNA and protein s...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Analysis, Motif, Tools, Suite

    389 days ago

  • jobTree based python wrapper to run the genome simulation tool suite Evolver

    evolverSimControl (eSC) can be used to simulate multi-chromosome genome evolution on an arbitrary phylogeny (Newick format). In addition to simply running evolver, eSC also automatically creates statistical summaries of the simulation as it runs including text and image files. Also...

    Tags: jobTree, python, wrapper, genome, simulation, tool, suite, Evolver

    38 days ago

  • Seal: SEquence ALignment evaluation suite

    Seal is a comprehensive sequencing simulation and alignment tool evaluation suite. This software (implemented in Java) provides several utilities that can be used to evaluate alignment algorithms, including: Reading a pre-existing reference genome from one or more FASTA files. Alternativ...

    Tags: Seal, SEquence, ALignment, evaluation, suite

    13 days ago