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  • -easy transcription regulation analysis! #peaks #TFBSs #Chip-Seq

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  • XploreRNA !! #transcription #analysis

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  • How Genes are Regulated: Transcription Factors

    Each cell in our body inherits the same master copy of DNA, but different cell types use it differently. Transcription Factors help influence which genes are used in which cell. Understanding how these dynamic proteins physically interact with DNA allows us to better understand and model their bi...

    Tags: Transcription, DNA

    1630 days ago

  • DNA Transcription (Advanced)

    Transcription is the process by which the information in DNA is copied into messenger RNA (mRNA) for protein production. Originally created for DNA Interactive ( ). TRANSCRIPT: The Central Dogma of Molecular Biology: "DNA makes RNA makes protein" Here the process begins. Trans...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Education, Animation, Video, DNA, Transcription

    1119 days ago

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