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  • Linux for bioinformatician !!!

    ...for computers, provides several powerful admin tools and utilities which will help...on’t know what these no so user-friendly tools are and how to use them, you...p you understand system admin as well as basic tools, which will help you to becom...

    1438 days ago

  • BioProgramming

    ...logies, the main challenge is to cope with the analysis of vast production of sequencing database through advanced bioinformatics tools. In oder to develope sotware/tools bioinformatician/ biological...

    1680 days ago

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  • List of Bioinformatics tools #Tools #Bioinformatics

    1001 days ago

  • Bioinformatics tools collection and database #tools #database #search #list

    53 days ago

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  • Alessandra Carbone Lab

    ...up works on various problems connected with the functioning and evolution of biological systems. We use mathematical tools, coming from statistics and combinatorics, algorithmic tools and molecular physics tools t...

    1000 days ago

  • Ron Milo Lab

    This research group brings the tools of systems biology to bear on the grand chall...mputational and experimental synthetic biology tools. Ron Milo Lab research effo...bolic pathways for carbon fixation (3) Novel tools facilitating accurate, access...

    1641 days ago

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  • Plasmids | Genetics | Biology Project and the various forms of recombinant DNA technology that produce transgenic plants and animals. The program then goes on to look at the tools used by biotechnologists such...

    1536 days ago

  • What is Health Informatics? but I think that's very linear and very narrow in what it is. For me what Health Informatics is really is about is how do we take all of these tools and have everybody able to ma...

    1439 days ago

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  • Tryst with a Bioinformatician # Dr Altan Kara

    ...biological problem and by using bioinformatics tools this can be easily achieved.& this package is, it provides lots of useful tools for comprehensive analysis an...formatics company will be developing effective tools to eliminate manipulated data...

    95 days ago


  • Metagenomics


    .../ Human microbiome Project: Tools:

    1436 days ago

  • Ruby and BioRuby

    Ruby and BioRuby

    ...tsumoto in Japan. BioRuby is a package of Open Source Ruby code, with classes for DNA and protein sequence analysis, alignment, database parsing, tools for structural biology, and o...

    1652 days ago

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  • List of popular bioinformatics software/tools

    In current genome era, our day to day work is to handle the huge geneome sequences, expression data, several other datasets. This link provide a comprehensive list of commonly used sofware/tools.

    Tags: Bioinformatics, SamTool, SAM, BAM, IGV, BLAT, Software, Tools

    1678 days ago

  • Five points for bioinformatics software/tools

    In the bioinformatics sector we mostly spend time on computational analysis of huge amounts of data and try to make sense of it, biologically. But, most of the newbie bioinformaticians are faced with dilemma when they receive biological sequence data for the first time. They mostly found confusin...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Open Source, OBF, Tools, Software, Computational Biology

    1440 days ago

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