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  • Recombination detection tool

    A program to detect recombination hotspots using population genetic data. More at

    656 days ago

  • Beagle

    ...g, imputation of ungenotyped markers, and identity-by-descent segment detection. Beagle version 4.1 has a mo...116-126.doi:10.1016/j.ajhg.2015.11.020 The citation for Beagle's IBD detection algorithm is: B L Browning a...

    388 days ago

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  • Validated whole genome structural variation detection using multiple callers #VariationCalling #Genome #SNP

    1195 days ago

  • A statistical method for the detection of variants from next-generation resequencing of DNA pools #NGS #Variants #DNApools #Statist

    1172 days ago

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  • Rolf Backofen Lab

    ...implified protein models, investigation of protein energy landscapes, detection of RNA sequence/structure mot...rediction and evaluation of alternative splice forms, description and detection of regulatory sequences. L...

    1581 days ago

  • Mike Ritchie Lab

    Mike Ritchie Lab primary research focus is the detection of susceptibility genes for common diseases such as...opment and application of new statistical methods with a focus on the detection of gene-gene interactions ass...

    1509 days ago

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  • DeCoSTAR - Detection of Co-evolution

    DeCoSTAR is a software which aims at reconstructing ancestral gene or genome organizations, in the form of sets of neighborhood relations -adjacencies- between pairs of ancestral genes or gene domains.Ancestral genes or domains are deduced from reconciled gene trees in a context of birth, speciat...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, DeCoSTAR, Detection, Co-evolution, Reconstruction, Ancestral, Gene, Genome

    220 days ago

  • NovelSeq: Novel Sequence Insertion Detection

    The NovelSeq framework is designed to detect novel sequence insertions using high throughput paired-end whole genome sequencing data. Paper at

    Tags: NovelSeq, Novel, Sequence, Insertion, Detection

    164 days ago