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  • Following the scientific literature: A personal practical guide for young computational biologists

    The goal of this guide is to describe why, when, where and how can you follow the most up-to-date science of interest and what papers/journals you should follow. The guide is biased towards the fields of genomics/systems biology.(from article) Source: ...

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  • The #bioinformatics #journals lists

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  • List of genome announcement, notes and reporting journals

    Faced with an increasing number of articles describing DNA data and a need for more appropriate venues to present these data, some publishers and journals have responded by changing the structure and format of genome papers. Specifically, certain journals have started accepting very short manuscr...

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    206 days ago

  • List of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Journals

    Hi Bioinformatician and Computational Biologist, this is the comprehensive list of all (?) the bioinformatics and computational biology journals. Please update me if you know any other good journals related with our domains. Feel free to add your comments and suggestions. You comments will b...

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  • List of bioinformatics journals #Bioinformatics #Journals

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  • Update Genome Workbench 2.7.15 released

    NCBI Genome Workbench is an integrated application for viewing and analyzing sequence data. With Genome Workbench, you can view data in publically available sequence databases at NCBI, and mix this data with your own private data. Genome Workbench can display sequence data in many ways, includ...

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  • Which Bioinformatics Journals Do You Follow?

    Which are your favorite bioinformatics journals? The ones that you check every month or so, or that you are subscribed to?

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    1044 days ago

  • In which journals should I publish my bioinformatics software/tools?

    Until there is a radical change in the way that academic credit is given, the principal record of scientific research is still the peer-reviewed publication. Given that software is a fundamental part of doing science in the digital age, the question we are often asked is: where can I publish...

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    634 days ago

  • Important Journals, Blogs and Forums for Bioinformaticians

    Journals. Most journals have RSS feeds for their current updates. Bioinformatics - RSS feed of current and advance online publications Genome Research - current & advance Genome Biology - editors picks, latest, most viewed, most forwarded. (Hit the RSS icon under each tab). PLoS Genetic...

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  • List of GOI approved peer reviewed bioinformatics and computational biology journals

    Unfortunately, we now live in a world where the integrity of peer-reviewed journals is being threatened by the rise of the academic version of fake news – something many call “predatory publishing".  Mostly in academic publishing world, "predatory open access publishing" is an ex...

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