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  • Pollux: platform independent error correction of single and mixed genomes

    Pollux: General-purpose error corrector that corrects errors introduced by Illumina, Ion Torrent, and Roche 454 sequencing technologies and can be applied to single- or mixed-genome data. In addition to correcting substitution errors, we locate and correct insertion, deletion, and homopolymer err...

    Tags: Pollux, Platform, Independent, Error, Correction, Single, Mixed, Genomes

    281 days ago

  • Single Cell RNAseq data analysis tutorial !!

    A major breakthrough (replaced microarrays) in the late 00’s and has been widely used since Measures the average expression level for each gene across a large population of input cells Useful for comparative transcriptomics, e.g. samples of the same tissue from different ...

    Tags: Single, Cell, RNAseq, analysis, tutorial

    89 days ago

  • INC-Seq: accurate single molecule reads using nanopore sequencing

    INC-Seq reads enabled accurate species-level classification, identification of species at 0.1 % abundance and robust quantification of relative abundances, providing a cheap and effective approach for pathogen detection and microbiome profiling on the MinION system.

    Tags: INC-Seq, accurate, single, molecule, reads, nopore, sequencing

    89 days ago