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  • Jitendra Narayan

    About me: ...s evolution. I (We) develop certain computational pipeline, and algorithms to harness the huge amount of biological data (genomes, epigenomes, transcriptomes, proteomes, etc.) to answ...

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  • BOL

    Skills: Javascript; Database: MySQL; Microarray data Analysis; Comparative Genomics; NGS; Proteomics; Molecular Phylogenetics; Teaching

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  • A perl script for mapping fasta formated sequences to multiple reference sequences using one of several alignment programs. #Perl #Script

    505 days ago

  • Useful perl script #Perl #Script #Resource

    505 days ago

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  • BioGeek Fun

    ...<=100; $count++) { print "It is in my gene!!!";}I guess, he is gonna to be a real biogeek. Nice try though. Smart kid.   2. In some perl script I found this  . . . . ....

    1437 days ago

  • The Best Bioinformatics / Computational Biology Quotes

    ...d; call it version 1.0 The glass is neither half-full nor half-empty: it's actually have several genomes. I'm BioGeek. Fedup with LIPS, try God script. Idiot, Go ahead, make my da...

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  • Metabolomics


    ...374/Brown.pdf Alignment tools for this include: mz-Mine XCMS (R code script), and  Metalign Metabolomics...

    1441 days ago


  • Bioinformatics Scripts

    Some of the useful bioinformatics scripts. For example ... is a Perl script that will automatically describe features of a sequence assembly.

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Education, Study, Script, Perl, Python

    1096 days ago

  • Creates 100 random DNA sequences with 20 residues. sapply(1:100, function(x) paste(sample(c("A","T","G","C"), 20, replace=T), collapse="")) #R #Random #Sequence #DNA #Script

    Tags: R, Random, Sequence, DNA, Script

    1360 days ago

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