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  • Jannette

    About me: どのくらい具体的何 人々 を呼び出す 私の妻彼女は 推定 女性 を使用するときに快適な フル名前完全な名前。年長い多くの長年に渡って の彼女はずっと の生活 アーカンソー州 も 彼女は ゲイン 1 つを を移動する日または まだ。彼女は仕事 されて の占領 多数時間 レジ係であり、彼女は を回す すぐに昇格します。かぎ針編みの演奏は 正確に正確に何何か は彼女が 毎週調達。場合を 探している を見つける から離れて完全に チェックの詳細 アウト 彼のウェブサイト: % の url Check out my webpage: ブランド バッグ

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  • Check Linux server configuration !!

    ...system/server information.To check what version of Operating Sys...;    TikangaTo check whether the operating system...r number starts with zero))To check memory information:-=========...;    2048 kBTo check the model and serial name of...

    1386 days ago

  • Check the Size of a directory & Free disk space.

    ...; In such cases, we always need to check our server for free spaces et...n your machine (df). 'du' – Check the size of a directory $ du...s.$ du -ahIf you are interested in checking everything present in a, this is not the only option to check the sizes and free spaces but...

    1436 days ago

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  • Chemical Elements of Bioinformatics

    You must be familiar with periodic table and colour pattern, but this time you are going to amaze by new elements table by Eagle genomics. Just check it out and have fun :)

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  • Check the Size of a directory & Free disk space.

    The amount of databases we bioinformatician deal are just HUGE … In such cases, we always need to check our server for free spaces etc. I planned this article to explains 2 simple commands that most bioinformatician want to know when they start using Linux / BioLinux. First: Size of a dire...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Linux, du, df, Size, File, Usage, Space, Check, Linux

    1436 days ago

  • Perl way to check if an array contains values

    Perl is always is known for their flexibility (There is more than one way to do it). Followings are the quick way to check if a value exist in an array. do_something if 'flour' ~~ @ingredients   # ~~ operand.   BEWARE: it is broken.do_something if grep {$_ eq 'flour'} @ingredients ...

    Tags: Perl, Tricks, Array, Find, Check

    347 days ago

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