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  • Basic Notions in Molecular Biology and Genetics

    This is a presentation about some fundamental concepts applied in molecular biology and genetics, also it contains a...r members has gained in his years of undergraduate state related to molecular cloning. Our research group...

    1372 days ago

  • Structural variants PPT

    1000 Genomes data tutorial at ASHG Structural variants presentation by Jan Korbel European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) Heidelberg Genome Biology Research Unit Reference:

    467 days ago

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  • Introduction to Bioinformatics

    ...rnet Resources Computational Molecular Biology Course Course on Bioinformatic...Principles of Computational Biology, Steven Salzberg. Principles o...ormatics: Computer Methods in Molecular Biology" Sequence analysis course (J...urse documents Algorithms in Molecular Biology (University of Wash...

    1591 days ago

  • Virtual Bioinformatics Online Tutorial

    ...tingham , UK, Virtual school of molecular sciences the principles of p...Bioinformatics Algorithms for Molecular Biology - Bioinformatics course lecture ( II ) MRes Biomolecular Sciences Lecture Notes: 1....e Algorithms for Computational Biology (Advanced Topics #6, 236606)&...

    1591 days ago

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  • Simple but tedious tasks common to molecular biology are handle with bioinformatics. #Tools #Bioinformatics

    1477 days ago

  • SANTA: Quantifying the Functional Content of Molecular Networks #Network #Pathway #Molecular #SANTA

    1192 days ago

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  • Golden Rules of Bioinformatics

    All constant are variable. Copy and paste is a genetic error. First solve the probl...and multiplication and division are the same thing. Don' be clever, complex biology will trick you....

    1585 days ago

  • BioGeek Fun

    1. A futuristic computational biology student was told to write "It is in my gene!!!" on the board 100 times as a punishment. here's his response -use warnings;for ($count=1; $count &...

    1371 days ago

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  • Tryst with a Bioinformatician # Dr Altan Kara

    ...t push you to join Computational Biology/Bioinformatics? According...scinates you about Computational Biology/Bioinformatics? It's flexi...etabolome analysis to reveal the molecular profile of the disease the scope of the project. The molecular structures involved in the...

    31 days ago


  • Molecular Modelling and Drug Design

    Molecular Modelling and Drug Design

    This group is desing to inform, update and discuss the old or new bioinformatics/computational biology software.

    1543 days ago

  • Bioinformatics Business

    Bioinformatics Business

    ...n academic branch of learning, bioinformatics remains mostly what it always was — a cross-disciplinary endeavor between computer science and molecular biology. But bioinformatics as a mone...

    1622 days ago

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