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  • Ruby: Bad or Good with several other languages. What do you think about this language? R...

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  • Ruby Language

    .../Languages/Ruby/QuickRef.html Ruby Annotation Ruby in Linux Journals Ruby Documentation: Programming Rubyhttp://ruby-...

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  • Awesome perl frameworks, libraries and software - PART 2

    ...cog/perlbaldoc - Perlbal documentation clbecker/perl-wiktionary-par...guese translation of Perl core documentation DrHyde/perl-modules-Number-P...s-Cases - A Perl Catalyst documentation project naoya/perl-hadoop&nb...ver for locally installed perl documentation -- think gem_server for perl...

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  • This is the documentation of the #circlize package. #Circular #Visualization #R

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  • pybedtools

    ...terval manipulation or "genome algebra". pybedtools extends BEDTools by offering feature-level manipulations from with Python. See full online documentation, including installation instr...

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  • IPython: Interactive notebooks

    ...ithout having to install anything. To learn more about using the IPython Notebook, you can visit our example collection, and you can read the documentation for all the details on how to...

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  • Frontend: Perl Web framework documentation - Andrej Sali Lab

    The frontend is a set of Perl classes that displays the web interface, allowing a user to upload their input files, start a job, display a list of all jobs in the system, and get back job results. The main saliwebfrontend class must be subclassed for each web service. This class is then...

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